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can love be too much? can love be smothering?

when I see love, I turn around, hoping that it didn’t catch my glimpse at it’s arrows, hoping that it would just ignore me and keep walking. 


love is like that shiny red ferrari coming down the hill miles away. your eyes knew that it should have been staring at the wheel, 10, 2 hands in the right position, feet tapping to the beat, right foot on the pedal and focused. 

your mind knew that it should have been focused on the destination, making sure that you look at the map and listen to the guide, but instead, your eyes and your mind drifted away, 

drifted away to the color and the shine of the beauty coming your way. the beauty showed up without an announcement, without you knowing. the beauty had its high beam on, shining in the eyes of every driver on the road. 

'that one', you said, 'that is going to be my car'. before any of the drivers on the road could be aware of your decision, you made a quick left signal and cut across the road and stopped the beauty in the middle of the road. 

there, you angered her, there, you drove her out of her car, slammed the door and snap her fingers. there, you took her punches and kicks and held her tight before she even knew your name. there,

you held her down in the middle of the road causing traffic, causing attention, causing her embarrassment, so she stopped fighting. she smiled, you decided that this beauty was yours tonight. there,

you charmed her into a conversation, you charisma was on point, your smiles and laughs were in sync with hers so she would feel comfortable. there, you stole her heart.

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